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 excerpt from an article in THE EAGLE a monthly publication of the ARC and copyrighted by them


The ARC's newest effort to go "green" is nearing its completion. The rooftop solar hot water system installed by Cinco Solar has begun delivering hot water to the apartments in the High Rise.
The solar tubes generate heat on a sunny day equal to 1,000,000 BTUs per hour. The array of tubes completely cover the roof of the two wings of the High Rise except for the area outside the Sky Lounge. It is the largest solar-heated hot water system in the United States.
The water heated by the sun is piped to storage tanks outside the second floor of the High Rise.
Temperature of the water in these tanks is 165 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, too hot to be piped directly into the apartments. The water on the way to users passes through boilers which on very cloudy days or at night might need to be heated further. If the water is too hot, a computer mixes cold water into the system, Water is delivered to users at 130 degrees.
The system cuts the use of natural gas by not having to heat the water continually and is expected to equal the cost of installation within eight years. An additional saving is expected because the panels shade the roof of the building reducing the need for air conditioning on the upper floors.
The system will be operated remotely by Cinco Solar, repositioning the tubes to follow the sun on its seasonal trip across the sky. In the event of a potentially damaging hail storm, the tubes can be elevated almost vertically.


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